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Time to Seriously PANIC!!!!

SO I had my first night of Intermediate-Level Japanese last night at the new college I had to transfer to since my old college decided to cancel their upper level Japanese courses just as I was ready to start taking them. And the experience scared the living crap outta me, here's why:

1. The class is taught entirely in Japanese.
2. Sensei speaks at a rate of about 78 words per second.
3. Half the class is Japanese. i.e. they speak it at home with grandma.
4. This school follows a different textbook/workbook series from the one I had been using so all the vocabulary is different.
5. I forgot to bring my hand dictionary.
6. I didn't get the email explaining we were to prepare a five minute introduction about ourselves.
7. My last name starts with B.
8. I was called on second.
9. Nerves make that part of my brain which stores language skills shut the fuck right down.
10. I needed to pee.
11. I said something like: Hi, people. Sharon is me. I have hobby of movie and iPod. I want go see Japan tomorrow. Japan is good happy time. I am old woman. 39. I go sit now.....(or possibly "go cook now", since I'm pretty sure I got the verbs mixed up.)
12. Fuck!

I'm still shaking. For whatever reason, this college doesn't have a language lab so the students all join this tutoring group where you have live chats in Japanese every week to improve your conversational skills. We never did that before except once or twice as a group and after several days of advanced prep and rehearsal. I've never had to get up in front of everyone and just "wing it."

Yikes, yikes, yikes....and I was sooooo excited to be going back. Now I'm just a little nauseous ...... *erp*

The Gods Do Listen!

So, yesterday, I took a break from translating yaoi to go to the beach with the family. We went to a new beach we've never stopped at before since the parking sucks about-- oh, five miles south of Laguna. We get set up with all our crap and decide to go for a walk farther down to the end where it looks like tidepools might be happening. We get up and over the rocky tidepool area to find a whole other stretch of beach beyond that which runs in front of a string of private hotels. So we're strolling along this new stretch of beach and I come upon a group of seriously hot young guys playing kickball. The ball for some reason comes right at me so I go after it, it gets caught in the waves, I wind up tumbling after it with said hot guys only to come up into a giant pack of totally hot guys, all bobbing around in the waves. My husband drags me out of the water and smirks as we take a good look around us.

"What are the odds?" He says, as all I can see for about half a mile of beach is hot, hot, ripped-as-hell MEN.

In pairs.

So, my mother calls to chew me out for losing some damn safety deposit box key she gave me, get this, WHEN I WAS SIXTEEN. And she's all kinds of disappointed in me because I don't know where it is. And it's going to cost her money to replace it...And will I go look for it...? Right NOWWHILESHE'S ON THE PHONE??? OiOiOi!
Mom, you gave me that key over 2/3rds of my life ago. It's GONE. GONE!
Well, where did you put it?

X-Files Angst

Gotta confess I'm almost sorta kinda getting really maybe excited about the X-Files movie. I know that's a bad bad thing to say for someone who spent the better part of four years of her life more or less devoted to the show/fandom and fanfiction community. But after so long, and so much time has passed I get nervous. Really nervous. Is it gonna suck? It it gonna make any sense whatsoever? Are Mulder and Scully going to look ancient? And WTF are they going to do about the William problem!??!! Guh...already, getting hives over this.

That said, I went into Indiana Jones with the same anxiety, expecting the very worst and was .... thrilled. Really was thrilled. I wasn't half the Jones fan back in the day as I was a slave to Star Wars, but really not a bad film at all. And Harrison really brought his A-game. Was afraid he was gonna break out with a "Get these damn kids off my lawn!" type of line delivery, but naw, he was fantastic! Old man still's got it somewhere. And he didn't look half bad half naked either. Go check it out if you're sitting on the fence about it. I know I was. 

In the end I'll be all over the X-Files film, I'm just so..........nervous it's gonna be more painful than S9!

Catching Up with TV

For some reason the stars and planets have aligned in such a way this week that I have NO WORK WHATSOEVER for the first time in three years so I've been spending quality time with my DVDs and DVR.

Moonlight -
First off, shitty-ass news about Moonlight getting the ax by CBS. Damn. I was really enjoying Jason Dohring as a vampire. I think they made a very bad decision to bring it back for a handful of episodes after the long strike. Even I didn't know it was back on and I watched it most of the season! Thanks to my DVR I guess I can catch the last few episodes but crap, it sucks when a show goes down before it even gets going much. It's getting to the point where I don't even want to start watching a show until it's in its 2nd or 3rd season. Because what's the point? Ugh! Pissed.

*hopes to GOD this doesn't happen to Daisies next fall*



Need to get that pre-squee in before I depart for Hollywood today!


OMG!!!!! JAMES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Date with Daisies Tonight!

OMG! I've been sick all last week and haven't been around to pre-squee. But tonight is my big date with Lee Pace and the Daisies gang in Hollywood! I'll be back Sunday night with my report. 


How Dumb Are People?

Recently I had a web client referred to me by a friend of mine. So a friend of a friend, right? This woman contacts me wanting a website but at first she's not sure what kind of website she wants/needs, etc. So for small businesses I recommend a certain number of things: about us, contact, what we do, clients/testimonials, etc., etc.. Naw, this woman wants the Pentagon. Full custom catalog, e-commerce, content management system, customer logins and account management, advanced search, automated reporting, email marketing, the works--it goes on and on she sent me three pages of faxed drawings of how complex this site needs to be. I tried to talk to her about a hosted e-commerce system like yahoo merchant services which will do some of what she wants, but not the whole dog and pony show. Moreover, I don't do that kind of work: massive backend custom systems development. That's rocket science and requires a systems analyst and a code jockey the likes of which I am not. I thought, who is this woman, Amazon.com???

No, turns out she's just a grandma (after a further conversation with our mutual friend) who wants to start a business knitting baby clothes by hand for "celebrities." However, she's got no clients and has yet to sell a SINGLE PIECE OF CLOTHING TO ANYONE.

Holy shit! And she wants a $25K website!!!

Dude, websites do not bring you customers outta the ether. You gotta DRIVE clients to your site through advertising and a heck of a lot of networking. If you don't have clients yet, start small. Very small. Post a single page or two about your business with basic contact info and a photo or two. Think online business card. Don't try to be eBay. Criminy!

I called the client back and tried to talk some sense into her. No go. She's determined she needs this skyscraper of a website FIRST before she builds a client base. Don't even get me started on how the heck she plans to knit all this stuff even if she gets a client base worthy of a database!?!?! She thinks maybe some day laborers can handle it. Uh, sure, assuming she can speak Spanish and they know how to KNIT!


Looks like the Moonlight Paley Center event has to be held the same night that I have a Japanese exam -- April 22. FUCK! I don't pass the class if I miss an exam. CRAP!!! Also, they're selling the series first to members, then non-members, then individual tix to members, etc. I don't want the whole series. Nuts. I'd probably get shut out anyway. 


Scaring Japanese Ladies in Parks

So I'm at that point where I've gotta start getting better at conversational Japanese. In other words, not reading off anything. And seeing as my first official oral exam is tonight (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaagh!) I find myself listening hard to foreign conversations around me in hopes of evesdropping in on some unsuspecting Japanese folks talking about motor oil or what time they need to pick up their kid from school and gee, it just never seems to be Japanese that they're speaking! Darn it! 

My kid, who means well and is genuinely curious will walk up to just about any asian-type person in parks and malls now and ask them "how do you say "..." in Japanese?" And they ususally shake their head, say something polite but confused in Mandarin or Korean and walk away.  That's not to say there aren't any Japanese speakers here and there in Orange County, 'cause there's whole vast market areas here and there in central OC largely dedicated to the Vietnamese and Chinese populations save for one small strip mall across the street from my inlaws' where I go to pick up Japanese magazines and those funny round cakes you unwrap and whatever the hell that is floating in jelly my kid likes...but even there I'm hard pressed to catch much conversation.

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